Code of Conduct

Attendee Code of Conduct

Revised January 23, 2019

Anthro East Coast is proud to welcome furry fans of all ages! To ensure that all our guests and volunteers have a fun and safe weekend, we present to you our code of conduct that must be followed by all attendees:

Behaviour, Clothing, Costumes

We have 0 tolerance for violence, bullying, hate speech, hate symbols and harassment. If you experience anything of the sorts, please approach a staff member immediately.

Any behaviour or action that causes distress, discomfort or interference with our event, our attendees, our reputation as a convention, or the venue/property we are using will not be tolerated. This will result in your removal from the event and proper authorities will be contacted if necessary.

This is a safe environment for all attendees; bullying and harassment towards another attendee will not be tolerated. This includes physical or verbal assault, intimidation, threats or sexual advances. Please also remember that fursuits do not mean consent! ALWAYS ask before giving hugs or touching someone’s costume.

Please be aware that Anthro East Coast venues are for all ages, and any artwork/visuals/behaviour must be appropriate for all ages. Costumes, clothing, artwork, merchandise and accessories must be appropriate for all ages. Display of any symbol, sign or clothing that is commonly associated with any organization, party or political ideology which is likely to offend other guests is not permitted.

Harnesses and “pet masks” are okay if they are being displayed in a non-adult way (Acceptable = A canine fursuit wearing a sled dog harness, or pet mask that looks like a costume. Not acceptable = Wearing a collar with a leash, or GIMP pet play mask). While collars are acceptable- a leash could be a safety hazard, so we request they not be worn with a collar.

Attendees are allowed to bring any all-age appropriate, non-weapon prop that measure less than 4 feet in length. Anything larger may pose a hazard to other attendees, and we ask that you keep said props at home. Bikes, Scooters or ‘Heelies’ (Shoes with wheels in the soles) are also not permitted.

Alcohol, Drugs and Weapons

This is an alcohol/drug-free venue. Smoking is not permitted on the premises (A smoking location will be provided!) Possession or consumption of any controlled substances on the Dalhousie Campus will result in the immediate removal from the venue and permanent expulsion from the event.

Anthro East Coast has a very strict, no weapon policy (Including, but not limited to; Swords, Grenades, Firearms, Knives, Bows etc-) which also includes replicas. If an attendee of Anthro East Coast is found to be concealing or carrying any sort of weapon (Or threatening to have a weapon on them) that may fall under this rule- will be removed from the premises immediately and depending on the circumstance, authorities may be notified. The safety and well being of our attendees is our highest priority.

Membership and Attendance

Anthro East Coast has the full right to revoke any attendee who may pose a risk to other attendees, and will contact the attendee prior to the event informing of this decision. For the safety of our attendees, Anthro East Coast does not allow attendance by those with a criminal history of sexual violence or pedophilia. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us directly at

All AEC attendees (Including Staff and Volunteers, but excluding DSU staff) must have an official AEC convention badge, and be formally registered for the indoor venue. This is to ensure we have accurate attendee numbers, and also formal contact information for each guest.

All AEC Staff, Volunteers and DSU staff will be treated with the utmost respect. Any mistreatment of the convention staff and volunteers will be handled accordingly.

Pets and Service Animals

The DSU has a strict, no pet policy however we do welcome service animals! (Please note, that unfortunately this does not include emotional support animals). However, If you want to bring your furry (or maybe not so furry..) friend to the convention, pets are more than welcome at our outdoor venue at York Redoubt. We ask that pet owners are responsible, and maintain control of their pets at all times. All dogs must be kept on a leash when around the main area of the outdoor venue for food and attendee safety. If you wish to have your dog off leash, there are many great walking trails nearby!


‘The Dalhousie Student Union shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any injury to any person who is attending the event. Nor are they responsible for any loss of or damage to any property and/or equipment brought onto the premises either before, during or left after the event’

We aim to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of our attendees. However, attendees should be aware of their well-being at all times. Additionally, certain voluntary programming at the events (fursuit events, games, dance, etc.) may present an additional risk of injury. By attending this event, you agree to release Anthro East Coast and its associated volunteers from any liability or claims arising from loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by you or by your property arising from attendance at the event.

This agreement is binding upon you, as well as your heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators.

Attendees found breaking these rules and jeopardizing our group’s reputation may be black-listed from future Anthro East Coast conventions and/or Atlantic Fur’s events.