About Us

Our furry family, including you!

We are Anthro East Coast. Welcome.

We are an annual, all-ages furry convention located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Anthro East Coast and the OMGWTFBBQ are proudly organized and hosted annually by the Anthropomorphic Events Society of Nova Scotia, a registered, Canadian, non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer run.

Our mission is:

  • To organize, host, and support events for fans of anthropomorphic art, costumes and related content.
  • To support local anthropomorphic artists, costume designers and creators throughout Atlantic Canada.

Our #1 priority is always the safety and comfort of our attendees.

We hope you enjoy our events and always encourage feedback. Please let us know your ideas for more fun-filled events.

Stay furry!

Anthro East Coast logo artwork Copyright © 2019, MeatSpice. Used with permission.
Science-themed banner artwork Copyright © 2020, Princely, AirGuiTaR, and Atlas. Used with permission.

Thank you all who contributed photos and media for our website. ❤️