Saturday Night Dance (19+)

Please read our important announcement on the future of Anthro East Coast hereInformation and dates posted may no longer be accurate, as this page is published now only for archival purposes.

Alcohol + Furries + Music + Lasers = WILD!

Join us Saturday evening in the McInnes Room for a night to remember! Enjoy all your favourite popular dance tracks spun by DJ ZYNE and other guest DJs, while raising funds for this year’s charity! We will have a cash bar (cash/debit/credit) open during the event so no need to run home to pre-drink! Furries, tunes, booze, party atmosphere, what’s not to love?

Sounds great! Where’s my invite?

All Anthro East Coast attendees are invited! You must be 19+ with a valid government-issued photo ID, and have an AEC 2021 registration badge to enter (weekend or Saturday general admission). Security services will be monitoring the event so please ensure you have ID present and ready to show at any time.

Door cover will be by cash donation ($1 minimum, please) with all proceeds going towards this year’s charity.

Any other details I should know?

Minors will not be permitted on the premises once this event begins. See you again Sunday morning? 🙂

I’d like to be a guest DJ! How do I apply? Furries love my tunes!

DJ applications are now open for Anthro East Coast 2020! We’re looking to offer a variety of styles to to suit all of our attendees’ tastes. Interested in DJing at our Saturday night dance? Tap below to learn more and apply.

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