Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our important announcement on the future of Anthro East Coast hereInformation and dates posted may no longer be accurate, as this page is published now only for archival purposes.

“What if I don’t have a fursuit?” and more!

We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions and answers below, and we’re always working hard to add more.

I’m not a furry or don’t have a fursuit, can I still attend?

Anthro East Coast is for anyone and everyone! You do not need to be a furry to attend and, most importantly, you do not need a costume to have fun! The majority of our attendees don’t have fursuits and still have a great time!

Do I need to pre-register? How much does it cost?

No, pre-registering online for Anthro East Coast isn’t necessary; we also welcome on-site registration at the convention the days-of. It is, however, cheaper to pre-register and you’ll save time at the convention. You can pre-register and view our prices here.

If I’m a minor, do I need to attend with an adult?

Maybe, depending on your age. Any attendees under 18 years old on the date(s) attending the convention must have a signed parental consent form present at the time of registration. In addition, anyone aged 13 or below must be accompanied by an adult (age of majority or above) at all times. More info can found in our Attendee Code of Conduct.

I require accessibility, can I attend? What accessible features are available?

Absolutely! We are proud to say that the our venue features two elevators and has plenty of gender neutral/accessible washrooms. If you require any sort of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! We want to make this convention as accessible to everyone as we possibly can.

I’m bringing my fursuit! Is there anywhere I can store it?

We will be having a designated fursuit lounge strictly for fursuiters! The room will be monitored by a staff member and will have water in it to keep our fursuiters comfortable. You may leave your fursuit in the lounge, but please understand that we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items left unattended.

Can I bring food or drinks? I’m hungry, where can I get something to eat?

Of course! Please be mindful of other attendees’ costumes though, we don’t want any accidents. Looking for a bite to eat? Check out our interactive guide for recommended local shops. Don’t forget we’re also offering tickets to our Guest of Honour Dinner on Saturday, if you’d prefer to stay at the venue. Please make sure no beverages are alcoholic.

Does Anthro East Coast have a Dealers Den. Will there be vendors?

Yes we do! Anthro East Coast has a designated Dealers Den full of vendors who bring a wide variety of products and skills for you to purchase or commission! Be sure to bring cash! If you forget, the venue has an on-site ATM. Some vendors may also accept credit cards.

How do I become a vendor? I’d like to sell my merchandise!

Detailed info on Dealers Den vendor applications can be found on our Dealers Den page. In short, each vendor must submit an application form. Once approved, vendors can register for a vendor’s table, or tables can be split between vendors. Our application process and vendor’s terms are outlined in more detail in our Vendor Code of Conduct. Questions on pricing and splitting tables? Here’s a guide with examples on pricing. Why do we review vendor applications? We do this to ensure we have a variety of artists showcasing their work at the convention, and to give everyone a fair and even chance!

How do I become a guest DJ at the Saturday night dance?

Please apply using the form on our Saturday Night Dance page. We aim to offer our attendees a variety of musical styles and genres, so not all applications may be approved.

Can I bring my pet? They’re so cute!

As per our venue’s regulations, pets are not permitted inside of the building (with the sole exception of trained service animals). Unfortunately, emotional support animals are not permitted. Best leave Air Bud at home for this one!

I have allergies, are you scent-aware or scent sensitive?

Due to the nature of the convention, we are not scent aware and cannot assure our attendees that certain products will not enter the convention (for example, peanut butter, strong scents or fragrances, etc). We ask that all of our attendees take precaution and, if they have severe allergies or medical conditions, that they carry an EpiPen and have proper identification (Medic Alert tags, etc).

How can I get involved?

Anthro East Coast is 100% run by volunteers, some who have been dedicating over 5 years to the event! ​Are you interested in volunteering your time for a portion of AEC? We are looking for dedicated individuals who want to help make AEC better than ever! If you are interested, please visit our Volunteering section.

My question wasn’t listed here, what should I do?

Still have unsolved questions we’ve missed? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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