Our Mascot

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Meet Sable, the Sable Island Horse!

Sable, the Sable Island horse.

Sable is a gender-neutral Sable Island horse. They are outgoing, friendly and love to meet new people! Native to Nova Scotia, the Sable Island horse can only be found on the small island of Sable Island, located 300km southeast of Halifax. Sable was born on the small island, but after hearing about Anthro East Coast they decided to take the journey to the big city and learn more about the convention!

There are currently only 500 Sable Island horses in the wild after they had been hunted to near extinction in the mid-1900’s. After much work from conservationists, the numbers have risen but are currently at risk due to global warming and lack of resources available on the island (which is only a very small 34 square kilometers). As a legally protected species, and the island being a National Park Reserve, we’ve selected Sable to be Anthro East Coast’s official mascot in hopes to bring more awareness to this beautiful breed of horse.

Sable artwork Copyright © 2019, Gremm. Used with permission.